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Florentino_Vivacos_Des Florentino_Vivacos_Des

Florentino Vivancos Gasset

Proprietary director

Florentino Vivancos Gasset is a Bachelor in Law from the Universidad Carlos III in Madrid (Spain), where he was awarded the End of Degree Prize, and has been a practicing lawyer since 1998. He worked at Ramón y Cajal Abogados for eight years. He is president of the Board of Trustees of fundación Estudio, the holding institution of the “Colegio Estudio” since 2003, chairman of the board of directors of Actividades Culturales Centro de Enseñanza Estudio Las Naciones S.L., and board member of Cabiedes & Partners III SCR S.A. and Cabiedes & Partners IV SCR S.A; he was Deputy Secretary of the General Investment Guarantee Fund management company and was appointed Official Receiver in several insolvency proceedings; He is also a Board member of Daruan Group Holding S.L. and Daruan Venture Capital SCR S.A. and owner of his own Law Firm, Vivancos Abogados, S.L.P.

First appointment date 19/05/2015

Latest appointment date 15/11/2019

Number of shares 150.000

Company name of the entity, listed or not Other paid activities
Daruan Group Holding S.L.U. Lawyer activity in his own law firm (Vivancos Asociados Servicios Jurídicos S.L.P.)
Daruan Venture Capital SCR S.A.
Cultural Activities Teaching Center Estudio Las Naciones S.L.
Cabiedes & Partners IV SCR S.A.
Cabiedes & Partners III SCR S.A.
Vivancos Lawyers S.L.P. Unipersonal
Vivancos Asociados Legal Services S.L.P.
Cerromedio S.L. On sale
Dolmarporc S.L.
Factum Lux S.L.