Our strategy

Grenergy is firmly committed to sustainability, a transversal axis of the company, which has been consolidating processes, developing new tools and methodologies and integrating ESG criteria into its business decisions.

The new ESG Roamdap 2024-2026 strategic plan is articulated through six key dimensions for the company, such as climate change, environment, people, value chain, sustainable finance, innovation and corporate governance. It includes more than 100 actions to reinforce its leadership in this area and maintain its position as a benchmark in the sector.

We are leaders in ESG Risk Management

Grenergy consolidates its leading position in a growing number of ESG ratings that measure its environmental, social and governance performance.
environmental, social and governance performance.

As a result of growing investor interest, Grenergy continues to expand the coverage of ESG rating agencies and sustainability indicators.

In this regard, in 2023, the company has improved its performance in Sustainalytics, S&P and demonstrates its leadership in MSCI ESG and CDP Climate Change, four of the world's most prestigious ESG rating agencies.


Sustainability report 2023


executives receiving variable compensation linked to ESG goals


tCO2e avoided emissions


Increase in number of employees, a double-digit growth for the fourth year in a row


of the members of the Board are women


elegible & aligned taxonomic CAPEX


Scope 1 & 2 emissions reduction

(*) Indicators coverage at the report include all business operations

Sustainable Development

This is the decade of action and the shared ability to achieve the extraordinary. We integrate the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations into our sustainability strategy, with emphasis on selected priority goals where our contribution can be most significant.

SDG 5 SDG 7 SDG 8 SDG 13 SDG 15 SDG 5

Gender Equality

Our contribution in 2022

Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls..

  • 50% of the members of the Board of Directors are women.
  • 39% women in senior management positions.
  • 39% women in Engineering positions (STEAM).
  • Listing on the IBEX Gender Equality Index.
  • Signature of an Agreement with Castilla La Mancha’s Institute for Women’s Affairs.
  • 4 women’s centres collaborate in the Escuderos project and 7 in the Belinchón project.
  • Progress on the equality roadmap.
  • Increasing the presence of women in the company over 30% by 2025 (with a focus on pre- and senior management positions each year).
SDG 5 SDG 7 SDG 8 SDG 13 SDG 15 SDG 7

Affordable and clean energy

Our contribution in 2022

Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.

  • 134.858 € invested in and donated to the local community.
  • Our plants are reliable and have their own staff to guarantee their operation 365 days/year.
  • 1.6 GW of renewable energy projects under construction and in operation.
  • 2025 target: 5GW of solar PV and 1 GWh of storage, in operation or under construction.
  • Issuance of the second green bond programme7 on BME’ Bond Market.
  • 68% of total renewable generation from solar (505.5GWh) and 32% from wind (238.9 GWh) reaching a total renewable energy generation in 2022 of 744.4GWh.
  • Carbon intensity of direct emissions (Scope 1 and 2): 1.07 tCO2/GWh generated (28% lower vs. 2021) and 2.71 tCO2/M€ sales (18% lower vs. 2021).
  • Renewable energy consumption 637.6 MWh (21%) and non-renewable energy consumption 2,468 MWh (79%).
SDG 5 SDG 7 SDG 8 SDG 13 SDG 15 SDG 8

Decent work and economic growth

Our contribution in 2022

Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.

  • Great Place to Work Certification obtained for the second consecutive year.
  • Employment generation for 2,200 workers in construction and operation of our projects.
  • 13,354 hours of health and safety training for subcontractors' employees.
  • 4 accidents among employees, none serious.
  • 0 absences due to occupational illness, fatalities, and serious accidents.
  • More than 13,350 hours of health and safety training for subcontractors' employees.
  • Support to the local community of Quillagua (Chile) to promote local tourism and protect cultural heritage by financing a tourist-archeological circuit.
  • 127 strategic suppliers corresponding to 85% of Grenergy's total turnover (2640 suppliers in 2022) are monitored and evaluated at ESG level through Aquilles platform.
  • Revenues from solar energy generation 269.5M€ and from wind energy 23.5M€ reaching total revenues in 2022 of 293M€.
  • Installed capacity solar 652MW (91.5%) and wind 60MW (8.5%) reaching a total installed capacity in 2022 of 712MW.
SDG 5 SDG 7 SDG 8 SDG 13 SDG 15 SDG 13
SDG 13
SDG 13

Climate Action

Our contribution in 2022

Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

  • Carbon footprint measured and verified by an independent third party according to ISO14064 standard.
  • 55% absolute target set for emissions reduction by 2030 (Scope 1 and 2) and Net Zero in 2050.
  • 245,398 tCO2 emissions to the atmosphere avoided by our service.
  • Preliminary identification of climate change risks and opportunities.
  • College scholarship for renewable energy degrees awarded to local member of community in Kosten.
  • Educational and environmental awareness-raising activities involving more than 1,000 kids and youth organised.
SDG 5 SDG 7 SDG 8 SDG 13 SDG 15 SDG 15
SDG 15
SDG 15

Life on land

Our contribution in 2022

Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss.

  • Collaboration in a wetlands restoration project in collaboration with WWF Spain.
  • 0 fines for environmental non-compliance.
  • €894,110 of environmental investment.
  • Reforestation of 255 ha globally.
  • Several projects to improve habitats and protect vulnerable species (rescue and relocation of fauna, compensation plan and promotion of biodiversity, among others).

Corporate Governance

Grenergy Sustainability Committee ensures the implementation of the
ESG Roadmap 2023
and periodically reports on its progress to the Board level Committees.

  • 50%

    women in the Board of Directors

  • 50%

    independent directors in the Board

  • 100%

    management with variable compensation linked to ESG targets


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Sustainability permeates all our decisions with a primary focus is on environmental protection, promoting the biodiversity and helping to fight climate change.

Social development

Taking care of the people who make up our team and creating a positive local impact in the communities close to our projects as well as in the supply chains are priority aspects of our Sustainability Policy.


We make of each project a shared success with our local communities.

Our team

The people who work at Grenergy think it is a great place to work.

Human Rights

Our commitment to respecting the dignity and rights of individuals is reflected in our due diligence system.