Grenergy considers that business ethics is absolutely fundamental in its performance, and should not be limited to strict compliance with the law, but to excellent performance and conduct subject to a our company values ​​and principles. Grenergy´s business ethics codes define the standard of conduct that our employees and collaborators must observe in their performance and business activity. Our principles and values ​​for business behaviour are defined in these documents as well as our public commitment to uphold them. Grenergy requires its administrators, employees, managers and collaborators, representatives, agents, agents, suppliers, advisers and clients to accept, commit and fulfil them.

The whistleblower channel made available below is targeted towards employees, consultants, suppliers and stakeholders who have observed suspicious behaviour or actions that contradicts our codes of conduct, including our Business Ethics Codes, Crime Prevention Protocol, Human Rights Policy and Protocol for the Sexual Harassment.

If you have experienced potential violations or unethical behaviour, you can help us by reporting your concern through the whistleblowing channel.  The whistleblower channel  provides full confidentiality, and allows the submission of information anonymously. There will be no sanctions for anyone sending a complaint in good faith.

Grenergy Renewables’ HQ is certified under Quality (ISO 9001) and Environment (ISO 14001) Standards. If you want to learn more about our management policy, certifications and procedures, please, contact our environmental management team at

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