Grenergy considers business ethics to be an absolutely fundamental aspect of its performance, and should not be limited to strict compliance with the law, but rather to excellence in conduct in accordance with our company’s values and principles.

Grenergy’s Code of Conduct defines the standard of conduct that our employees and collaborators must observe in their activities. Our principles and values for business behavior are defined in this document, as well as our public commitment to respect them.

Grenergy’s whistleblower channel is intended for employees, consultants, suppliers and stakeholders who have observed suspicious behavior or actions that contradict our Code of Conduct and other internal regulations, such as the Human Rights Policy and the Protocol for Preventing and Combating Sexual Harassment.

If you have become aware of possible violations or inappropriate behavior, you can help us by reporting your concerns through the whistleblower channel. The whistleblower channel provides complete confidentiality and allows you to submit information anonymously. There will be no penalties or retaliation for those who report in good faith.