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Credit ratings

Learn about the ratings given to GRENERGY by rating agencies.

Agency Long-term Outlook Last review
Axesor Rating BBB- Estable 15/03/2022

Classifying institutions

Here you can read about the definitions used by credit rating institutions to classify GRENERGY:

Axesor Rating


Medium Level.Adequate capacity to meet its financial obligations.

For further information: Axesor Rating

Analyst coverage and recommendation

Fair price to achieve a unique return for everyone.

Target Price42.54 €/stock

26 Jun 2022 5:42

Broker Analyst Recommendation Target Price Previous Date
Caixabank BPI Flora Tindale Buy 39.0 25.70 24/01/2022
JB Capital Jorge Guimaraes Buy 45 47 25/11/2021
Fidentiis Daniel Rodriguez Buy 45.10 41.5 06/09/2021
Alantra Fernando Lafuente Buy 43.10 42.59 24/11/2021
Mirabaud Alvaro Navarro Hold 32 38.6 26/11/2021
Oddo Anis Zgaya Buy 43 45 19/11/2021
RBC Fernando Garcia Buy 55 60 07/03/2021
Barclays José Ruiz Buy 45.20 12/05/2021
Santander Eduardo González Buy 35.50 07/02/2022