Energy transition

Our growth contributes directly to the fight against climate change, making the energy transition and the decarbonization of the economy a reality. The replacement of fossil fuels by renewable energies is key to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of our society and to limit global warming below 1.5ºC

1.8 GW

own projects in construction and operation

325,408 tCO2e

avoided by our renewable energy projects in 2023

5,000 GW

operational target by 2025

Carbon footprint calculations

We measure our scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions generated directly or indirectly with our activity in accordance with the criteria of the international standards GHG Protocol and ISO14064, including the emissions of all GHGs relevant to the company.

We also disaggregate and calculate Scope 3 emissions according to the GHG Protocol categories (Cat 1: Purchase of goods and services / Cat 4: Upstream transportation and distribution / Cat 5: Waste generated in operations and Cat 6: Business travel)

<strong>Carbon footprint</strong> calculations
Carbon footprint calculations

Sustainable finance

Our business model contributes significantly to climate change mitigation as reflected in the following results of eligibility and alignment of indicators according to the European Taxonomy of Sustainable Activities, which classifies economic activities as green and/or non-green.