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Nicolas_ Bergareche_Des Nicolas_ Bergareche_Des

Nicolás Bergareche Mendoza

Independent Director

Nicolás Bergareche Mendoza is Bachelor of Law from the Universidad Carlos III in Madrid and Master’s in Law (LLM) from the University of Columbia in New York. Entrepreneur with activities in different sectors, he is a founding partner and vice president of Tectum, a company dedicated to the development and operation of affordable rental housing. He is also a founding partner and director of Onza.tv, a company dedicated to the production and distribution of audiovisual content. Likewise, he is a founding partner and investment director of Onza Capital, a venture capital company specialized in venture capital investments in the technology sector.

Nicolás, in addition to being an independent board member of Grenergy Renovables S.A., is a board member of Tectum Real Estate Investments S.L., Tectum Alquiler Residencial S.A., Tectum Asset Management S.L., Tectum Global Management S.L., Onza Partners S.L. and Onza Venture Capital Investment SCR S.A.

First appointment date 27/06/2016

Latest appointment date 27/06/2016

Number of shares 6.150

Company name of the entity, listed or not Other paid activities
Onza Real Estate S.L. Legal advisory activities for Onza Real Estate, S.L. and Onza Partners, S.L. and management services for Karenza 2002, S.L.
Tectum Tar Torrejón de Ardoz S.L.
Onza Partners S.L.
Tectum Tar 21 S.L.
Tectum Rei Arroyomolinos S.L.
Tectum Rei Valdemoro II S.L.
Tectum Rei Móstoles S.L.
Tectum Tar Villaverde S.L.
Tectum Tar Rivas S.L.
Tectum Global Management S.L.
Nidum Homes S.L.
Tectum Tar Barajas S.L.
Tectum Tar Colmenar Viejo S.L.
Onza Venture Capital Investments SCR S.A.
Tectum Rei Alcalá de Henares S.L.
Tectum Real Estate Investments S.L.
Tectum Rei Valdemoro I S.L.
Tectum Residential Rental S.A.
Tectum Alcobendas Dotacional Accommodations S.L.
Tectum Rei Villaviciosa S.L.
Tectum Rei Villalba S.L.
Tectum Asset Management S.L.
Tectum Tar Cañaveral S.L.
Tectum Tar Alcalá de Henares RC-15 S.L.
Small Coincidences Season 2 IEA
Tectum Tar Las Rozas S.L.
Summer Rain S.L.
Small matches IEA
PQC Season 3 IEA
Dinamar Directorship S.L.