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Rocío_Hortiguela_Des Rocío_Hortiguela_Des

Rocío Hortigüela Esturillo

Independent director

Mrs. María del Rocío Hortigüela Esturillo is an independent director at Grenergy. Mining Engineer with a specialty in energy and fuels from the Higher Technical School of Mining Engineers of the Polytechnic University of Madrid (promotion 1994). She has twenty years of professional experience in technical and managerial positions: from mining investment analyst at Banco Concepción (Chilean) to commercial content positions (business development). She has extensive international experience, living and developing her professional career in countries such as Chile, Mexico and Brazil, and has taught courses on various topics of his specialty in places as diverse as Norway, Mongolia or Iraq. The last fifteen years of her professional career she has dedicated to the renewable energy sector in Spain, being very active in its development and promotion but also experience in financing, design, construction and operation of renewable energy plants, in particular photovoltaic.  She has defended the interests of this sector as President of Anpier (National Association of Producers and Investors of Renewable Energies) from 2010 to 2012 and Co-President of Unef (Spanish Photovoltaic Union) from 2011 to 2012. She has 15 years of experience in all phases of renewable project development and a great understanding of the environmental risks and risks associated with projects. Currently, she is CEO of Entiba Inversiones, S.L. and Sociedad de Inversiones para Desarrollo e Innovación en Renovables, S.L., the companies are dedicated to consulting and advising on the engineering of renewable facilities.

First appointment date 15/11/2019

Latest appointment date 15/11/2019

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Company name of the entity, listed or not Other paid activities
Entiba Energy S.L. N/A
Investment company for development and innovation in renewables S.L.
Santa Bárbara Solar S.L.
CBC Energía Solar S.L.
Sierra Sivila Solar S.L.