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Florentino Vivancos Gasset Florentino Vivancos Gasset

Florentino Vivancos Gasset

Secretary with voice, without vote

Florentino Vivancos Gasset has a degree in Law from the Carlos III University of Madrid (End of Degree Award) and has been a practicing Lawyer since 1998; he worked at Ramón y Cajal Abogados for eight years; He is a trustee of the Fundación Estudio, the institution that owns the “Colegio Estudio” since 2003, and a Board Member of Cabiedes & amp; Partners SCR and Cabiedes & Partners IV SCR; he was deputy secretary of the management company of FOGAIN, (Investors Compensation Scheme) and has been appointed Administrator in numerous bankruptcy proceedings; He is a Director of Daruan Venture Capital SCR and owner of the Law Firm, Vivancos Abogados, S.L.P.